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Default Re: Individual RP: Dr Scott

Trainer Sara
Abandoned Power Plant

“I hope you brought a flashlight," Sam said, shooting me a look. Then he got a curious expression of enlightenment, before pulling out a PokeBall and releasing from inside one of his two Pokemon. It turned out to be a Houndoom, which stretched before moving to his Trainer's side. I, too, paused long enough to grab a Ball from my pack, releasing from inside my loyal friend Kilia. The Quirky Absol pranced about merrily after materializing from her Ball, then heeled at my right side and eyed Sam's Houndoom with a titled head. She was young, Kilia, barely out of puppyhood, but she was strong and knew when to get serious.

Sam reached the huge, rusty metals doors of the power plant as I joined him, Kilia trotting along beside me. The doors opened with painfully loud squeals, and as myself and Kilia winced at the noise, I told myself I'd bring some WD40 next time I came out here. That horrid racket alone had probably scared off most of the Pokemon hanging around near the entrance.

We headed inside, Kilia pushing ahead of all of us as she scoped out the surroundings. Her Super Luck Ability would make it hard for her to be caught by surprise by anything still lurking around. After a moment she glanced over her shoulder and gave a soft "Sol," signaling the way was clear of danger. I nodded as I peered ahead, my eyes adjusting to the dim gloom of the plant. There were light bulbs set at regular intervals in the ceiling, but their light was weak and did little to effectively light the area. Of course this was done on purpose, but that knowledge didn't make it any easier to navigate this place if you weren't prepared.

I pulled a mini flashlight from my pack and turned it on, then shut the doors behind us. The gloom settled heavier once the cherry sunlight was cut off; the tinted windows didn't let in any light at all. The strong, bright beam of light from my flashlight cut through the darkness, helping illuminate our path.

"Well, let's get moving," I said after a moment, taking the lead and heading towards the only hallway. It was wide and tall, as if the builders had expected trucks to be driving through or something. There was a receptionist area to the right of the hallway, but it was dark and a dusty chair was the only thing there. I repressed a shudder; no matter how many times I came here, the place still gave me the creeps.

We made our way into the hall, which split into several corridors about twenty paces from the entryway. I knew this place inside and out, but people who didn't know their way around would become quickly -and hopelessly- lost. I halted at the split and glanced at Sam, vaguely waving a hand around to indicate the general area.

"Well, I know my way around, so it doesn't really matter which way we go. But you're the one on the adventure, so you get to choose the path," I told him. I'd barely finished speaking when Kilia gave a sudden growl, her head turning to the left. Automatically reacting, I swung my flashlight around as a command leapt to my tongue. Thankfully, I didn't need Kilia's intervention: my flashlight revealed the tiny form of a Minun puttering around about three yards down the hall that Kilia had indicated. When the light hit it, the little electric mouse gave a startled cry and came to a halt, raising its minuscule paws to shield its eyes. I quickly lowered the beam enough to get the light out of its eyes, but not so much that I lost sight of it in the near-darkness.

"I'm sorry little guy," I apologized, watching the small Pokemon lower its paws. It huffed at me in anger, but it was so small it was more cute than intimidating. Still, I'd been zapped by one of these things before, and despite their small size, they were nothing to underestimate. "You caught us by surprise."

"Mi minun!" the Pokemon cried, still angry. I saw thin, barely-visible tendrils of yellow current jump from the blue patches on its checks as it started jumping around. "Nun mi minun!" It then darted forward, sparks trailing from it as it made a jump at Kilia. The larger Absol easily moved out of the way of the hasty attack, heaving an irritated sigh as she watched the Minun land. Now it was between us, Sam, and his Houndoom, and its anger turned to unease as it glared around at us. Then its gaze fell on the flashlight in my hand and its resolve firmed. It gave a sort of mouse-like squeak as sparks started jumping from its cheeks again, getting ready, it seemed, to blast the source of its discomfort.


Trainer Stats:

Name: Sam
Money: .55k
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining: 15

Pokemon Stats:
-Docile Male Houndoom (TM Sunny Day, TM Solar Beam, TM Fire Blast) <Early Bird Ability>

-Careful Female Sandslash (No EMs) <Sand Veil Ability>

Total Items: Park Ball x3, Super Ball x5, Hyper Ball x5
Total Pokemon Encountered: Minun {Encounter 1}
Total Captured Pokemon: n/a


OOC: The battle hasn't started yet, so I'm not including Battle Stats lol.

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