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Default Re: The Pixel Palace - Temporarily Closed|Do Not Post!

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
So how about Entei for the shiny Truth Gyarados??

Originally Posted by shinyshuckle View Post
Plust's Blissey
Hidden Power: Ghost 68!
EVs unknown, will be wiped.
aromatherapy, thunderwave, seismic toss, softboiled.
Redis: YES!

What would you want for this? Have a few pokemon EV trained that you don't have, or I will be willing to make a pokemon specifically for you at your request.
Choose a pokemon to breed for me not on my trade thread.

Originally Posted by Lacesso View Post
This isn't your Smogon, there is no need to be such an ******* here.

Let me remind you that pokémon is a game and cloning pokémon is so easy that almost any pokémon might as well be free. It takes me 30 seconds to boot up a game, clone a pokémon and get into wi-fi. This game is too ******* easy for you to go insulting people like that.
and holy **** at your services prices.

20 minutes of your time EV training gives you 3 pokémon? Damn son that's tight! Anyone wants free EVing, let me know. Don't trade this fool.
Oh wait, Eving with an AR takes only 2 minutes, not 20. So that's even worse.
**** Off.

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