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Default Re: Individual RP: Ataro

"Come on, Ataro. Which way? Left or right?"

I could have swore I saw her winked at me with her bright green eyes. With those bright colors and such long eyelashes, I must have been blind not to notice. Still, I didn't mention that as I thought that would make me look like a stalker, watching her every movement so closely.

"Hmm..." I mumbled while twitching my eyebrows in confusion. Both corridors seemed like exact duplicates; they were all dimly lit by those lights on the ceiling, that kept flicking non-stop. Luckily, I had thought about these problems all along. I guessed that the Park woul not renovate any of their areas, while claiming that it is so as to preserve the natural habitat of the areas. Of course, even spoiled lights would be no problem to them. This is why, I've bought useful Pokemon into the Park with me.

Without any more second thoughts, I unzipped my backpack and took out a Pokeball from among the many other balls, repellents and potions. By pushing the button in the middle, which separated the red and white sections of the sphere, a white flash of light materialized quickly. The silhouette formed was that of a monkey, as my purple monkey-like Pokemon jumped around like a sugar-rushed creature. I commanded a Sunny Day with it, which would probably light up the entire area.

Unsure I am though, as to whether it would even work or last that long in an enclosed area. Again, my mind was immediately cramped with thoughts of that bright flash, that was emitted by the Pokeball. Indeed, I spotted a tiny shadow on the right corridor earlier, as a result of that light. Even though I wasn't sure, I decided to check it out with Ranger Amonea first.

OOC: I hope I'm doing this right. D:
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