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Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG for violance) [Chapter Eleven Added]


“Get a move on!” A harsh man barked at the line of Rangers being led out of the old library. His face was red with anger and hatred, glaring at the young kids as they ducked their heads from his view. By his side, as if to inspire more fear, stood a Machoke and the Nidoking who had barged through the Ranger’s door. They were nearly as big as the man himself, though darker and even less friendly. The purple monster growled when the Ranger’s shuffle increased only by a little, but the other Pokemon just curled his lip. Taking out a whip, the man cracked at them to hastened them. It never struck them, but it came close enough to inflict more fear within them. Their pace quickly picked up just so that they could get away from this man and his whip.

Emma looked away from them, her cheeks wet with tears. It had happened all too fast. She was still trying to figure out what was happening to them. At the instant the Nidoking broke open the door, the library became flooded with Pokemon and darkly dressed humans. All of them surrounded the Rangers and set their backs to the walls. Every one of those foes had a strange glint in their eye that Emma couldn’t understand. They looked like they were full of a fierce hatred, though why they would be that way towards the Rangers she had no idea. For a moment, no one said anything. All they did was stare at each other, but then one man stepped forward with a yellow, ape-like Pokémon at his side.

“Well, well, well,” he smirked, folding his arms across his chest. “Look what we found. As I always say, ‘You can run, but you can’t hide’. You kids done playing hide and seek?”

Deep chuckles sounded throughout the army’s soldiers as their leader toyed with the Rangers. Emma felt like a mouse cornered by a cat. These men had them, and now they were going to play games with them. Her last question she had asked Weston ran through her mind: What’s going to happen to us? Whatever it was, Emma prayed that it wouldn’t be painful. She looked over to her friend, only to see the seething outrage in Weston’s eyes.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” she whispered to him, recognizing the danger. The boy Ranger didn’t seem to hear her, though. He just continued to fix his glare on the army’s leader.
“I have to say,” the man who had stepped forward continued. “You Rangers certainly put up a good fight, but it’s all over now. Now listen to me; we can do this the painless easy way, or the trying, difficult way. We’re just going to take you to one of our camps, and if you co-operate I‘ll guarantee you‘re lives will be spared. Now-,”

“I’m not going anywhere with you! Not without a fight.” Weston shouted as he stepped forward. Emma tried desperately to pull him back, but he slipped out of her grip. She couldn’t believe he was doing this! He was going to get himself killed! Don’t do this, she kept screaming in her head. Don’t do this! Weston, however, remained firm his defiant stance.

The man slowly turned to scrutinize the brazen youth, only to curl his lip in a smirk. That gradual smile scared Emma more than anything, and it even seemed to cause Weston to momentarily waver. It was a knowing smile, one that said: I‘m in charge now, and there is so much I could do to you.

“On the contrary,” he answered. “I’m afraid that you have no choice. The fight is over. You have lost.”

“Wanna bet?” Weston challenged, then broke from the line. Emma was terrified to see the fire burning in his eyes as he raced towards the man, fist raised. The man, however, didn’t move an inch. He stood there, coolly and collectively, just daring Weston to try to hurt him. He was expecting this to happen, Emma realized all too late. Just when the young Ranger was close enough, and he was swinging for a punch, the ape-like Pokémon moved. Weston’s fist suddenly outlined in blue, freezing in the air inches away from the man’s face. Putting all of his energy and weight into the punch, Weston struggled against the Psychic hold. Try as he might, his hand would not budge. The lone Ranger fixed his eyes only on the man, who stared back impassively.

“I’ll admit it,” the Hypno’s master taunted. “You got spunk, kid.”

“You‘re a coward!” Weston shouted at him, his face contorted with infuriation, humiliated, and frustration. He had never felt so much hatred before, and though it scared him, it fueled his courage and fighting spirit. Through it, he was going to resist at all cost, even if it put his life in danger. He swung with his other fist, only to have it freeze inches away from his target once again.

“Hardly,” the man placidly answered, then nonchalantly he grabbed the boy’s knuckles and brought them to the Ranger’s side. “But I’m not a fool like you,” he added, then gave a punch of his own. Weston fell to the ground, covering his face as it burned with pain. His nose was bleeding along with his lip, although it didn’t hurt as much as his spirit did. All the bravery he had felt before had sputtered out, and he was reminded once again that he was just a boy. What did he think he could do? They were doomed, and he couldn’t fight against it.

“Hypno,” came his foe’s deep voice, then suddenly Weston felt his body rise up off the ground on its own. Suddenly the Ranger found that he couldn’t move any inch of his body. Everything was being controlled by a psychic attack. He felt like a puppet in the vile Pokemon’s power. What they were going to do with him, he couldn’t guess. He just hoped it would be quick and painless. Unwillingly he found himself face-to-face with the commander, but he mustered up enough will to remain as defiant. This only seemed to further amuse the leader.

“You need to learn how to pick your fights, boy,” the man uttered into Weston’s ear before turning to address the other Rangers. “I imagine that each of you are full of questions. You are wondering who we are, and what are we doing? What will we do to you now? Well, we are the Dark Army, the warriors of the great Legendary Darkrai, who will one day cleanse the earth and make it a far better place. His mission begins with take-over, and soon Almia will be his. We will fight for the day when we can live without sorrow, and we fight for his cause.”

Emma couldn’t believe the pack of lies this man was telling them. Who, or what, is Darkrai? Why did he want to change the world? Emma couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Sure it had its fair share of problems, but she had always been happy, until now. Never would she have thought that the world deserved cleansing. No, there had to be something more. Something this man wasn’t telling her, or something that this Darkrai had lied to them.

“As for anyone who defies,” the commander continued, turning to Weston with a mischievous smirk that bode no good for the Ranger. “Well . . . I’ll show you a demonstration. Hypno, put him to sleep.”

The Hypnosis Pokémon obeyed, lifting up the pendulum it permanently held it its hand. Weston knew what was coming and tried to avert his eyes, but it was too late. He was drawn to the medallion as it swung back and forth, back and forth. Slowly, he felt himself slipping away. The young Ranger tried to fight back, but his efforts were futile. Soon, his world faded into black, and he remember no more. Emma, though, saw him floating limply in the air and grew numb. What are they doing to him? she wondered, the fear in her rising to a whole new level.

“I don’t know how many of you have heard the many legends of Darkrai. Many of them aren’t true, but there is one myth that is,” he continued, walking up and down the border between his forces and the frightened Rangers. “Darkrai has the ability to cast those around him into unending nightmares that they’ll never wake up from. Never. Don’t believe me? Then lets show them a taste, shall we? Hypno, Nightmare!”

Suddenly, the creature’s eyes turned black and glowed with enigmatic power. The pendulum stopped in mid-swing, and it seemed for a moment that the library grew darker and colder. Emma watched in horror as Weston’s body began to convulse. His face was screwed up in pain, visibly showing the effects of the Nightmare. The tears began flowing as the boy Ranger cried out in agony. Monsters! They were all monsters! How could they do this to Weston? All around her, the other Rangers were turning away from the sight, finding it hard to believe their eyes. Each one of them kept wondering, would this be our fate as well?

Hypno’s eyes returned to normal as it allowed Weston to fall to the ground. His master went, undisturbed in the least. “This is only a taste of Darkrai’s power, which was granted to this special Hypno. It isn’t quite as powerful, but it gets the job done. As for this Ranger . . . How will he eat if he can’t wake up?”

Again, a dark chuckle rippled through the masses of the Dark Army. Their leader was pleased with his own dark humor, but he spun around to glare at the horrified Rangers.

“Let this be a lesson to all of you!” he raised his voice. “If you defy Darkrai, your fate will be the same as this runt. You have one of two choices: comply or say goodbye to the light of day.”

None of the other Rangers resisted. Their leaders were quickly escorted away, leaving them lost and confused. Emma could see the haunting look of despair on each of their faces as they were quickly herded out of the old library and probably to a prison camp. It was so odd. They were taken without weapons of any sort. The only thing this Army used was fear and blunt force, taking the mostly peaceful nation by surprise. How could they have expected or prepared for such a bold invasion?

The Nidoking’s master cracked the whip once more, breaking Emma away from her thoughts. Her pace had slackened a bit, but she quickly picked it up as she avoided the man’s eye. She had to keep moving, for Weston’s sake. Glancing over her shoulder, she quickly spotted two other Rangers who were carrying him between them. The Dark Army’s commander had allowed them to take him along, though he didn’t seem to care what happened to the boy from now on. Mumbling incoherently, the brave Ranger winced from something troubling him in his dreams. Quickly Emma looked away, hating to see him this way. Though she was often a loving, kind person, she now felt a burning anger within her. Never would she forgive these men for what they had done.

All of a sudden, the Nidoking roared. Looking up, Emma saw a great ball of light shooting from the shadows in time to strike the Machoke who had stood by the mutant rabbit. The line of Rangers halted their forced march as more Pokémon and humans surrounded the forces of the Dark Army. Everyone had been caught by surprise, but they quickly recovered and engaged in battle. These strange new combatants were certainly an odd bunch. Many of the humans and Pokémon wore capes as if they were from a different age, but their skills were unmatched. Their humans wielded strange but sturdy staffs, knocking out many of the Dark Armies men Meanwhile the Pokemon were swift, skillful, and powerful. The forces of the Dark Army were not resisting well against this sneak attack and their retreat seemed inevitable. Reluctantly, they abandoned their newly claimed prisoners to flee into the forest. Those left behind found the irony of becoming prisoners themselves.

Emma could hardly believe it when these rescuers came to the Ranger’s aide. A man and a spiky, blue dragon came to her, both with kindly smiles.

“Don’t be afraid ,” came a strange voice that seemed to come from nowhere. It took Emma the longest time to figure out that she had heard it within her own head. The Gabite raised its arm, then brought its blade down on the ropes that had bound her hands. Rubbing her freed hands, she looked between the two being.

“Everything’s going to be fine,” the man tried to comfort her, seeing the tears streaking down her cheeks.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“We are the Knights of the Aura,” the man bowed.


Well, there's the end. Now we know what's happened to the Rangers, and we've learned a little bit about aura. ^^ I would have added just a little bit more, but I think I'll save it for the next chapter. Did I do okay?

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