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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

Originally Posted by TempOcean View Post
No, that's not true. don't forget this is THIRTY YEARS after Ash did his deal in the world
Where does it say that? :/ If you're going to reprimand us for forgetting something, make sure we could know it first.

I, personally, am not bored of the Gym Challenge plot, as long as the Gym Leaders and battles are interesting, it is written well, and has some (entertaining) sub-plots and/or other plot threads outside of that (like what happens in Emerald, where fighting off Teams Magma and Aqua and beating the Hoenn League don't usually intersect). Fakemon I'm cool with too, as long as they're not too unoriginal.

Also, I know the R/S/E MCs look the most similar to what you had in mind for them, but generally basing character designs heavily off of existing characters is somewhat frowned upon. I believe I could help you in the character-designing department, if you have any rough sketches or descriptions of the more exact features of each character.

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