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Default Re: Those dang Discriminating Barbies

This post contains mature content.

Originally Posted by Dark Luddico
Barbies have one purpose: To be entertainment for LITTLE GIRLS. Why would a fourteen year old want to play with a doll? Barbies are too old too. Did you know that they are thirty-five years old?
So you're saying you want your daughter to follow in the footsteps of the negative images protrayed with these Barbie dolls? And that without proper influence that these dolls make shape their preteen and teen stages, thus ruining their life?

Entertainment has its limits. If you're teaching a little girl about going out to dates and possibly even having sex with them, wearing make-up at an early age, etc., would you have crossed the border? Barbies are telling the girls these negative images here. I'm saying that it's no coincidence that grade 6 girls are giving the boys blowjobs as goodbye kisses (and claim they are complete virgins).
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