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Default Re: D/P Contest: Nyurgh, Pichu Boy, Dragoness, Kantochamp46(Normal Cute)

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
I only get 2 hearts. :o

3rd Round:

Minun appeals with Encore on Nurse Joy! +1!
[Joy's +1; Voltage=4]

Swampert appeals with Mud Slap on Nurse Joy! +3!
Nurse Joy awards bonus points! +5!
[Joy's +1; Voltage=0]

Spheal appeals with Sheer Cold on Nurse Joy! +15!
[Joy's +0; Voltage=0]

Gligar appeals with Screech on Nurse Joy! +2!
All Judges' voltage are lowered by one!
[Joy's -1; Voltage=0]

Nurse Joy awards 0 hearts to Minun!
Nurse Joy awards 0 hearts to Swampert!
Nurse Joy awards 0 hearts to Spheal!
Nurse Joy awards 0 hearts to Gligar!

4th(Last) Round:
1st: Minun 110 PTS
2nd: Gligar 150 PTS
3rd: Swampert 190 PTS
4th: Spheal 270 PTS
[Professor Oak=0/5][Nurse Joy=0/5][Officer Jenny=1/5]

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