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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

What I'm calling you out for is the fact that you thought Whitney was still the Gym Leader in Goldenrod, and as I have stated in my last post, this is sixty years after the anime-show. Obviously, there would be a new Gym Leader after sixty years, so there you go.

And thanks for the offer on changing my anime characters, but I'm keeping them (unless you or someone else could maybe post some alternate wardrobes for them?).

And remember how I said that the plot would twist here and there for reader interest? Here's an idea that I think a lot of people would like:

So, who has thought about what war would be like in the world of Pokemon? Bet you all thought war was abolished? Not quite. If two or more regions have a disagreement, they can settle it through conflict, but deaths in war have been outlawed. In the event of a conflict, a nation calls upon its Pokemon Trainers as a kind of National Guard to fight in conflicts. In a battle, if one side can defeat the other side's Trainers, then the defeated are rounded up a P.O.Ws and held in reasonably well condition until the war is over. Don't forget that most Rainers don't want to fight, and why punish someone when they are only following orders they HAVE to? Ranking officers and leadership would have a worse time than the foot soldiers.

There are five classes of Trainer (Class I - V). Trainers between classes II and V are called to fight. I always wondered why Trainers got to do just nothing but train their Pokemon and beat Gyms, etc etc. Well, they are now expected to serve should a crisis arise.

In this case, the Kanto Region has fallen to the control of Team Rocket (i know many will sigh and say 'why the hell are you bringing Team Rocket back?!?'). So for now its Team Rocket until I get suggestions or I think of a new one. So anyways, all the other regions; Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Revonn have declared war on Team Rocket and asend Trainers in to capture their leadership halfway through my story.

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