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Default Re: Pokemon Chronicles: The Next Generation

To Giratina:
Well, you don't have to read it, you know. It's not like I'm trying to force this on you or anything. Read if you want. If you've got helpful ideas, great. If not, then see-ya.

As for the Pokemon's reaction, they don't understand the motives of why humans are fighting; their only mission is to help their Trainer and for what the Trainer believes in, no matter what. Period.

If you don't like the concept of war as to preserve the "charm" of Pokemon, then you're just one person. People fight, ok? As much as I want the Pokemon world to be a utopia, it just can't happen. People argue. That's a fact, just look at the world right now.

And now to Charmander009:
Thanks for the support & feedback. I meant to say Trainers, by the way. So about the whole war thing . . .

I suppose that maybe the rules of engagement would change when it comes to Team Rocket, seeing as they don't really play fair, so maybe Trainers would get dart-pistols, methods of imprisoning Rockets (energy handcuffs, sedatives, etc). The whole point is to spare human life, and it is better to punish someone alive than to just kill them.
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