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Default Re: The Canalave Library: Historian's Corner

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Eeek! Sorry about that. *takes out torch to vanquish the offensive 'H'*

Anywho, you don't need to post your story here. It only goes in the Library. Great peace though. ^^ If I could just point out some things . . .

That 'they' needs to be capitilized. Then the other bolded part . . . I think you meant to put 'came' there.
Also, make sure that you make a new paragraph whenever someone talks ^^

How did this sentance get off like that? Perhaps you should go back and backspace infront of 'prank'.

Thanks for your contribution!
You're welcome. I have a new one...
Cubone! according to the PokÚdex, it wears the skull of its dead mother. But its mother, most likely a Marowak, dosen't have a skull like Cubone's! It, apparently, is the skull of a larger Cubone! And explain how Marowak's skull fits so snugly?! I MUST FIND THIS OUT!!!


Hey, I'm channeling my (immensly cute) av. Wow.
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