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Default Re: Individual RP: Ataro

"A Mareep?" I asked unsurprisingly. Although it was my first encounter and I should have been excited, I was in truth; not. I remembered my purpose here and it was to meet some rarer Pokemon that I've almost never seen in my life, but a Mareep was a species that I played with everyday, back in my hometown...

"Ambi, ambi!"

Immediately, I knew that was the signal for me that my Ambipom was being locked on as a target. The fluffy sheep charged towards us like a bulldozer, except at an apparent speed of a Shuckle. Still, Ambipom kept his focus onto that sheepish-looking sheep, ready to make any move while a command was given.

"Well, Amonea, I suppose we can definitely outrun this thing and I don't want my Pokemon's health to decrease unnecessarily anyway, so let's run!" I replied back excitedly, as I thought about the enjoyment of the Mareep chasing after us blindly.

Quickly, I prepared to take off together with Ambipom and my Ranger, into the dark alley corner beside us, where it will be hard for Mareep to even try to find us. Besides, we might find rarer Pokemon while exploring deeper. If I wasn't wrong, we were in the information center just now, since there was a counter behind me. But since we walked right, this might be some lounge for refreshments, or simply just a place for the workers to do their job. Perhaps we will find some power generators when we explore the more dimly lit areas...
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