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Default What is this I don't even...

Ranger Log

Trainer: Adam(Gold Rush)
Location: The Woods
Ranger: Rusty Anderson

Wild Lickitung vs. Infernape.

Turn 1 - Infernape used Rock Tomb, Lickitung used Screech and is attempting a Rollout
Turn 2 - Rollout hit Infernape, then Infernape tried to hit Lickitung with a Brick Break while it was still rolling, so Infernape got hit harder. Lickitung is still rolling.
Turn 3 - Infernape does a Mach Punch and Brick Break combo, stopping Rollout, but Lickitung uses Wring Out.
Turn 4 - Infernape uses Thunderpunch to break free of Wring Out, Super Ball is thrown, but doesnt catch. Lickitung uses Slam and prepares to do another one.
Turn 5 - Infernape used a Blaze-boosted Flamethrower. Thanks to Nape's Jolly Nature, Lickitung was able to be captured.

Wild Farfetch'd vs Gengar

Turn 6 - Farfetch'd dodged a T-bolt and hit with Night Slash, is going to use it again.
T-bolt vs. Night Slash. Both are close to fainting. Night Slash coming up.
Turn 8 - Gengar put Farfetch'd to sleep with Hypnosis before it could use Night Slash.
Turn 9 - Gengar Energy Balled the sleeping duck, waking it up, but it was caught anyways.

Wild Munchlax vs. Infernape

Turn 10 - Infernape broke Munchlax's bricks. But Lax is Slamming back.
Turn 11 - Nape T-punched Munchlax, avoiding Body Slam, but Adam's Hyper Ball was broken. Munchlax hit Nape with Fling and is readying Body Slam.
Turn 12 - Munchlax's Body Slam missed, and it was caught. [PAID TILL HERE]

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554

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