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Default Re: Individual RP: Redino987

OoC: my hands are tied, Abra can only Teleport around, so that's all its gonna do. And I'm not holding it agaisnt you, I know it's hard. However, if you want to have some chances at hitting this thing, you should put a little more effort in describing Absol's actions ^^

Also, I forgot, but you can choose Abra's gender... just you know, telling you.


The boy just shrugged off the sudden "attack" from Abra and laughed at it. That guy's got some guts.

"This Pokemon is very strange... but amusing," Hyacinth agreed. "I'm sorry for your Absol, but that was a good move, don't you think so, Firada?"

The Magmortar let out a heartily laugh from his ducky mouth as he watched bemused the battle.

Redino then ordered Absol to try and Bite his opponent, avoiding any tree to boot. The white-furred Pokemon complied, and charged the Psychic Pokemon, mouth agape to get a good chunk of that fleshy Abra.

Yet, again, the Abra snapped its fingers and changed place, leaving Absol to bite the dust.

Puns aside, Absol quickly scouted around to pinpoint its location, briefly givena way by a foggy shape appearing. However, there was none around, and this had Absol confused, untill...

"Wee!" the Abra said as it gripped Absol's neck from above and rode him like a Ponyta- without the severe burn risk, though.

"Well, that's funny," Hyacinth couldn't hold back saying. Honestly, Absol bucking to try and shook it off really was quite a sight.


Abra 100% (unknown gender / trait / nature) [currently riding Absol]

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