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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

The pink blob moved quickly it its ball like form, too quick for Infernape to dodge thus he was hurt by the rollout. Infernape tried to show Adam that he didn’t feel anything, but he could see he did get a fair amount of damage. Lickitung took a few steps back as Adam was just about to mutter his order.

“Infernape, it’s time to act follow it up with a Mach Punch and Brick break,” I said grinning.

Infernape leapt up in the air, as Adam took a quick glance at the ranger, who seemed to be eating something again. Adam turned his attention back to Infernape, who seems overwhelmed that he was going to use one of his favourite moves. Infernape leapt up and down repeatedly until it finally punched the ground, showing that he was ready to attack. The monkey turned round and glanced at Adam, he knew it was his cue.

“Go,” Adam shouted.


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