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Default Re: Individual RP: Ataro

OOC: Why do you keep emphasizing that it's a pink sheep? :( Did I miss something?

I squatted down and rested my palms onto my Ambipom's back paw. "It hurt, didn't it?" I asked Ambipom, almost feeling guilty at my earlier decision. The paw was mostly white, but had some red blush on it now, due to the Mareep's attack. Then, I stood back up and looked at my Ranger.

"Use a Pokemon now, or move!" I barely heard her shouted. Amongst the sudden stench as we ran into this room, it felt piercing to my entire body. My eyes were burning from the terrible smell, my nose was trembling like houses on a quaking land, my mouth was cramped up together; too afraid to even open up in case the stench got sucked in instead and lastly, my skin felt tattered and wrinkled now. It was as if the Muk had just came out from a one hundred years old sewage, that hasn't been cleaned at all in those years.

Either way, I wasn't sure if it was just me being sensitive, or that I really noticed Amonea's displeasure at me running away from Mareep. No, it wasn't just the whole getting ahead of her thing. Still, I got brought back to reality with Ambipom giving out another screech. He was obviously, too excited to start a battle. The wild Muk had attacked us so suddenly, not to mention getting agitated. I guessed that it might have been of a Timid Nature, which was re-enforced by Muk using a ranged attack.

"Alright, Ambipom! Jump high up into the air by making use of the spring powers on your tail, so that you can dodge those powerful poison pellets shot out by Muk. After that, slam onto the Muk as fast as you can, by striking Muk with your Fake Out!" I commanded my Ambipom, while being very excited myself as well, as this was my first battle ever since I've entered the Park.
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