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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

“Sorry about the Infernape,” I said embarrassed.

Infernape shrugged ready to take another order.

“Okay Infernape we gotta get to Lickitung before it gets to us, Mach Punch and Brick break Combo, Quick!”

Infernape leapt into action and ran towards the Lickitung. The pink blob was moving fast almost ready to turn, but the plan was that Infernape should reach Lickitung before the Pokemon has a chance to hit him, soon after the Mach Punch with the speed and Momentum the brick break should do a bit of extra damage that was the plan anyway.

Infernape ran at a blistering speed, with his long hairy arm stretched out to the max. The clearing within the woods was fairly small so he had to use the height of the tree’s to build enough power, using his monkey skills Infernape leapt from tree to tree, almost spending no time leaping. After each tree passed his arm started to glow even brighter as the fire around his body made it look beautiful. Soon Infernape was jumping about halfway up the tree and it was time to get down, as he had almost no room to jump left. Infernape dived down fist first carefully aiming to hit Lickitung. The Pokemon was moving quickly but Infernape was much faster but could he land in time.

Adam watched carefully as he crossed his fingers hoping for Infernape to stop the attack and deal some damage along the way....

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