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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

/////Location: Mt. Oktori

Weavile kept on moving in that strange way as it neared Washtom. Washtom, however, had prepared an attack with Sean's instructions, and launch a stream of electric bolts. As the bolts neared Weavile, it suddenly sprung forward and skipped over the Thunder Wave, or so it thought 'cause as it got even closer to Washtom, the wave spread and Weavile got caught in it. Weavile landed on its feet in the floor and kept moving in that same way as before, but this time it was obvious that it was hurting for real. It tottered towards the wall next to Washtom and away from Sean's position.

Washtom, as instructed, continued with its second attack as it launch yet another stream of electricity at Weavile. This one was stronger than the last one and had not trouble reaching Weavile. Weavile screamed in pain and collapsed face down on the floor right in front of Washtom. It was still trembling so it was obviously not unconscious.

Washtom looked curiously at Weavile as Sean took the Hyper Ball and prepared to tossed it at Weavile. But suddenly, Weavile sprung up towards Washtom and slashed Washtom with its claws, delivering a strong dark energy as it did. Washtom was shot upwards and backwards and landed on its back in the floor unconscious.

Ranger Eli then said to himself, "I knew was Faint Attack...Clever Weavile..."

Weavile smiled as it felt victorious, and immediately after attempted to run away, but it was still hurting and each step felt painful. Weavile fell on its knees.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sean Marshall

Money: $3,000

Location: Mt. Oktori

Area Effects: Part of the floor is covered in ice

Encounters Remaining: 12

Pokemon Stats:
---Sassy Ditto (GL/Limber) 100%
---Hardy Infernape (M/Blaze) 100%
---Lonely Rotom-W (GL/Levitate) FNT
---Jolly Torterra (M/Overgrow) 100%

Total Items: Hyper Ballx5, Super Ballx6, Pokedollx2, Max Potion, Full Healx2

Total Captured Pokemon: N/A

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Weavile (?/Preassure) 26.14% (paralized)

Other Wild Pokemon: Lax Cleffa (?/Magic Coat); Mild Spheal (?/Thick Fat)
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