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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

“Okay Infernape we gotta get out of this try an Thunder punch, no need to move you arms just cover your fist in Electricity and slowly shift your hands towards Lickitung’s tongue!”

Infernape heard Adam’s orders quickly and reacted; slowly he covered his fist with Electricity and slowly pulled his fist towards the giant tongue. He wiggled his hands rapidly trying to use the saliva as a lubricant but Lickitung held Infernape tightly, Infernape was making progress but could the electricity reach Lickitung’s tongue, before Infernape chokes to death.

As Infernape wiggled his arms I rapidly opened the flap on my messenger bag, and grabbed one of my Super Ball's from the top. I looked around it and the out streteched one of my arms like I was about to launch a ball towards the stumps in a cricket match. I carefully watched Infernapes electrifying hand, the moment Infernape did damage and was released I would throw the ball. I stood in my stance waiting for several seconds as Infernape took the pain, hoping I would get there in time...

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