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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

“Alright Infernape, it’s now or never lets go with a Flamethrower just enough to leave it barely standing!”

Infernape roared as he could feel his blaze activating as Lickitung ran towards him. The only thing keeping Infernape sane was his jolly nature. The monkey roared as fire burst out from every corner of his body, his eyes burnt with a passion and he was ready to go. The monkey screamed repeatedly and was ready to go and do one of his best Flamethrowers. Infernape started by concentrating and taking multiple deep breaths, as Lickitung was not the fastest of Pokemon. Slowly he calmed down as the energy was put inside of him and was to be used on this attack. Infernape took a few more deep breaths as what looked like steam started to blow out of his nose holes. Then Infernape opened his eyes as Lickitung grew close.

Infernape screamed loudly as suddenly a long fiery red beam of fire leapt out of his mouth like a rocket. Adam could feel the heat and so could the forest, luckily Infernape was in the middle of the clearing or there would have been a forest fire. The long fiery beam danced across the air as Lickitung ran into it. It hit the pink Pokemon but how much did it do, only time would tell.

Adam grabbed another Pokeball from his backpack this time a Hyper Ball; he kissed it and paused for a few seconds. Then Adam waited for his moment to throw the ball. Once the attack was over he would throw it.

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