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Default Neo Risk - Rules

Up to eight teams may participate. Each team has an initial limit of five members, which will be raised to seven, nine, and eleven, each time all the teams become full, unless, a team does not wish to add more members. Teams are posted here:
Each member is represented by a “chip” on the board.
Teams will have a leader, who will send orders to the War Master in the set-up turn. If orders are not sent in time, no attack orders will be issued, and the chips will not move.

Four continents will be used, each continent hosting a number of cities.
Each continent has 4 types of cities:
-Regular cities: Nothing special about them.
-Port Cities: May communicate directly with any other port city in the same continent.
-Major Port: May communicate with any other major port. These are: Vermillion City, Olivine City, Slateport City, and Sunnyshore City.
-Railroad City: They connect cities in this fashion:
Saffron to Goldenrod, Goldenrod to Rustboro, Rustboro to Jublife, and Jublife to Saffron.
-HQ: Losing your HQ means losing the game.
-Each time an attack is succesfull against your HQ's, it loses one point of life.
-Once it loses all three life points, your HQ is destroyed, and your team disbanded. Disbanded territories become NEUTRAL.
To regain HQ life points, do one of the following:
-Spend 5 turns with one member repairing it, 3 turns with 2 members, and 1 turn with all members.
-Use an item from the Bob Dole Mart (Coming soon!)
-You can not repair the HQ if it is being attacked in the same turn.

Flow of War
The game initiates with each team selecting one non-port, non-railroad HQ city, chosen in the order they sign up. All of the original teams will have their original HQ given to them. New teams will choose from what’s available.
Each team member is then considered to be at HQ city @ Turn 0.
Each turn consists of 3 phases:
- Set up phase --> In which the team leader, or a designated team member, sends instructions privately to the War Master regarding the movement and/or attack order for each member of the team. 2 days
- Battle phase --> In which battles take place. 1 week
- End of turn phase --> In which results are processed, the maps updated, and the study of terrain of nearby cities takes place. 1 day
-Chip = member

The set-up phase

-In the set-up phase, movement of any team member is allowed thorough the team's empire.
For example, if Harry is @ Viridian Forest at end of turn, he may move all the way to Cerulean City as long as his team has both territories connected somehow. Once Harry moves to Cerulean City, he will remain there until the end of turn phase, and will be able to defend it from incoming attacks.
-However, if you choose to move between continents, your movement stops at the railroad city or port of the arriving continent. Thus if Harry wants to go to Johto thorough the railroad, he will end his movement in Goldenrod city.
-In the set-up phase, attack orders can be given to a team member who was in a territory next to the target at the end of turn. Therefore, since Harry was @ Viridian Forest at end of turn, he would be able to attack Viridian City if it's not part of his territory already, or Diglett's cave. But Harry would not be able to attack Mt. Moon, since he was not in a territory next to it at the end of turn phase.
-However, you can not attack a territory you attacked unsuccessfully on the previous turn. For example, if Harry attacked Viridian City on the last turn, and failed, he won’t be able to do so in the next turn, even if he was next to the target in the set-up phase.
-Multiple attackers and defenders can be placed in a single territory.

The battle phase

-In the battle phase, a team will challenge a defending team over a territory, as long as the attacking team ordered an attack by one of its members on the set-up phase. Whoever was placed by the defending team in the defending territory will be forced to fight. However, if the defending team did NOT place any chips on the challenged territory, it is automatically lost.
-Rules for competing for neutral territories are 3 vs 3, Revo, helds optional, all clauses on. For held items to be allowed, both players must want them. If one of them doesn't, they are not used.
-Rules for attacking/defending battles can be modified by the defending team. The rules that can only be modified are:
-Number of Pokémon (3 or 4)
-Held items (on or off)
-Weather (Sunny, Rain, Normal, Sandstorm, Hail)
-In the case of multiple attackers and/or defenders, each one is given a priority, and a series of fights occur until one team prevails.
Example: Harry and Marth were ordered to defend Viridian Forest from an attack from Team Alpha's Viridan City. Mike was designated to be the attacker. Marth has a priority of one, so Mike must fight Mike first, then if he wins, Harry, who has priority 2.
If Marth wins, Mike loses the challenge, and retreats to Viridian City, unable to attack on the next turn.
If Mike wins, he still must defeat Harry. If Harry wins here, Mike retreats to Viridian City, unable to attack on the next turn, and both Marth and Harry remain in Viridian Forest. If Mike wins yet again, he gains the territory, and Marth and Harry are forced to retreat a nearby territory. The same rules apply to multiple attackers - either all retreat or all stay in the territory.
-In the case that a city is severed of the other territories, any member who was inside it will remain there until it is re-connected, or the territory lost. If the territory is lost, the member is force back to HQ.
-If two teams contest for a neutral territory, the winner gets the territory, but the loser can not attack the same territory on the next turn.
-If a city with two or more nearby territories is held by a team, and that team attacks territory 1 without leaving members to defend, the city is considered un-defended, and thus may be lost by an incoming attack from another location.
Example: Team Aqua holds Rock Tunnel, and wants to attack Cerulean City, which is neutral. Only Marth is attacking Cerulean City, though. He gets Cerulean city since it was undefended. However, Team Magma attacked from Lavander Town. Since Marth was out of town during the attack, Rock Tunnel was lost.
-If there is a mutual attack between two teams, the winner gets the territory, and the loser is forced to retreat to a nearby territory. The losers can not counter-attack on the next turn. However, if the lost territory had defending members, those are forced to retreat to a nearby territory too, yet they are capable of attacking on the next turn.

2 on 1!

If two or more teams attack a third team, the defending team must defend against both attackers at the same time. The ensuing battle is a FFA, in which:
a) The defending team uses a number of Pokémon equal to the number of attacking members from both teams. If more than 1 defender is used, they may divide the number of Pokémon each will use as they see fit. If there are more defenders than attackers, each defender will mean one extra Pokémon in the FFA.
b) The attacking members use one Pokémon each.
c) The resulting battle would be a FFA in which the defending Pokémon fight the attacking Pokémon. However, the attacking Pokémon may attack the other party if they wish to do so, since the team that remains alive at the end of the FFA is considered the victor.
Example: Harry Kim and Marth are defending Seafoam Islands. However, Mike attacks from Pallet Town, while Crazy and Hus attack from Vermililon City.
Thus, Mike uses Infernape, Crazy uses Electrode, and Husnain uses Aerodactyl. 3 Pokémon in total.
Harry and Marth must use 3 Pokémon to oppose the enemy. Marth decides to use Swampert and Salamence, while Harry uses Starmie.
The battle is then Starmie & Swampert & Salamence vs. Infernape and Electrode & Aerodactyl. Marth and Harry were losing the fight, until Electrode decided to kill Infernape before it attacked. That allowed Marth and Harry to win the fight, and retain the territory. Had Electrode not betrayed Infernape, it would have KO'd Swampert, and in the end, Electrode & Aerodactyl would have prevailed.

By Khajmer
BlueJelloJelly (12:00:35): What, you going to kill me with your Wynaut?
ClockKnight (12:06:07): bidoof use take down on wynaut
ClockKnight (12:06:50): wynaut use counter!
ClockKnight (12:06:58): ko
StunkyLupus (12:07:04): OWNEDDDDDDD

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