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Default Re: Individual RP : Ayotui

Notes to Ayotui : Then be prepared to face quite a challenge from the Pokemon you might face, as the rules go, the better your Post, more easier will it be for you to capture/fight/etc and so forth.


"Hello, did you hear me?"

A faint voice echoed through the empty halls of the Registration Center, as Haru turned around to notice a young lad, in his preteen years. Gallade turned around as well, to take a look of who they'll be accompanying today.

"Oh hey there, Alex. You seem a bit eccentric, but nonetheless, let's get this intro with. I'm Ranger Haru, and will be the one guiding you today, throughout your entire expedition. This is my first crew mate, Gallade, who'll be also watching over us." Haru replied, while pointing over to his Pokemon Partner, Gallade.

Gallade wasn't pretty pleased by his entrance, but nor did it totally was ignorant about it. It was pretty much psyched up and started to throw punches in the air as usual, signaling it. Haru sighed, with his Pokemon, and searched around for the "host" which was supposed to teleport him to their current destination, Mt. Oktori. After minutes of relentless searching, he found an Abra levitating about in a corner, west of the Park entrance.

"That's the host, let's go guys!" Haru was filled with anticipation, as he ran across, with Alex and Gallade towards Abra. Being a somewhat telekinetic Pokemon, Abra understood what was coming forth, and immediately sent them towards their location, the mysterious mountains in the valley of the Park, Mt. Oktori.


Ranger : Haru
Location : Mt Oktori


The whole group came crashing down, before the huge mouthing of Mt Oktori. The surroundings were pretty plain, and there was no sign of life nearby, except a gushing waterfall outside the mountain. Things went even more strange, when a stream of light shot towards the sky, and it seemed that the source of it all, was only a short distance away from where Haru, Alex and Gallade stood.

"This doesn't seem normal, let's check it out..." Haru whispered, as they ran towards the direction. Alex seemed hasty and lead the whole party, but out of nowhere, a Clefairy flew in and blocked the only path, and it rather gave a nasty look, apart from any other sweetheart of a Clefairy you've met.

"Great. Just when I thought of that light, now this. Hey Alex, send out a Pokemon of yours, this is going to be one heck of a fight!"....


Battle Stats :

Nature : ???
Gender : ???
Ability : ???
Stats Changes : None
Health : 100%
Moves Used : None


Trainer: Ayotui

Location: Mt Oktori

Area Effects: Very quiet, and a few lights flickering in the room

Encounters Remaining: 14

Money: $50

2x Parkballs
2x Superballs
1x Hyperball
2x Max potion
1x Full heal

- Sceptile(Male) / Bold / Leech Seed / 100% Health (In ball)

- Rhyperior(Male) / Hardy / Roar, Substitute, Counter, Rock Polish / 100% Health (In ball)

Pokemon encountered: Clefairy

On-going battles: None

Pokemon Captured: None

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