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Default Re: Individual RP: Sammy0295

OOC: I meant more like, how useful your choice of moves were at the given moment, but, awesome come back! ^^

IC: Sandshrew noticed Charmander hide in the hole, but it didn't pay much attention to him, when suddenly, flames were flying in Sandshrew's direction. Sandshrew was completely surprised and instinctively took the foot out of its mouth, pushed against the ground with that foot to jump, then rolled into a ball, rolled out of the way and towards Charmander.

"So, that foot was just fine after all," commented Eli.

Still, Charmander followed Sandshrew with the flamethrower and immediately enveloped it in flames at a closer distance. Sandshrew stood up and began jumping as it shrieked in pain. It tried running away in Sam's direction as it licked the burns in its arms. Sandshrew tripped and rolled, then stopped right behind Sam. Sandshrew hung on to the back of Sam's leg to hide from Charmander. Poor thing was hurt and really scared.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sam

Money: $0,000

Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects: None

Encounters Remaining: 14

Pokemon Stats:
---Hardy Charmander (M/Blaze) 39.36%
---Quiet Tropius (F/Chlorophyll) 100%

Total Items: Parkball x 10, Super Parkball x 1, Repels x 5

Total Captured Pokemon: N/A

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Sandshrew (?/Sand Veil) 7.88% (burned)

Other Wild Pokemon: N/A

OOC: Oh! And my time is GMT-4. I often see you online on the forums, but never on AIM. In fact, you were online when I posted this. ^^

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