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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

I studied the area he had been taken to. There were many machines and and electrical equipment sprawled around the place. I was a little dizzy from Poko's Teleport. The ranger who was escorting me released a Porygon-Z who went by the name of Databyte. I was curious to see how my Porygon-Z would act around this one. I'll find out soon enough.

Although it's called the Abandoned Power Plant, I was still surprised at how quiet it was. It was quite dark and I don't have any way of lighting the place up, which could be a problem later on, but I'll just have to hope that I get lucky.

"Now then," the ranger said, spreading her arms, "what do you feel like doing? We could explore this area, or we could go somewhere else. I know where we are, so I can take you anywhere else in here if that's what you like." I thought for a moment. I don't know this place and I want to get as much out of this experience as I can. I might as well explore whilst we are here.

"Here is good," I said smiling. "I don't mind where we are, just as long as we can explore," I said eagerly. "Hope that's okay?" I grinned.

Credit to EmBreon
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