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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

OCC: Sorry D:

“Alright Gengar, I won’t out you through that again,” Adam said asking for forgiveness.

Gengar looked back at Adam, with a slight bit of disappointment, but he was in a lot of pain. Gengar jumped up and down a few time and then showed that he was ready.

“Alright Gengar lets go for another Thunderbolt,” Adam pointed at Farfetch’d as Gengar looked back at him. The grin returned to his face.

He shook his body rapidly trying to overcome the pain that he felt after that fairly strong attack. Gengar wiped the dust of himself, trying to look as cool as possible. Gengar jumped up and down a few times and did a twirl. Farfetch’d watched and it seemed fairly confused but nothing that would effect it within battle.

“Alright Gengar, I know I’m sorry about the bad order, but can we maybe get on with the attack?”

Gengar huffed and then raised his hands into the air, and looked up into the sky. Clouds began to form, above his head. Farfetch’d looked up and saw that his whole flock had flown away as Gengar was about to summon the thunderbolt. Gengar breathed in repeatedly and waved his hands about, trying to show off as much as possible. Then suddenly at an almost random moment Gengar slowly lowered his hands, the second his hands passed the huge grin in his face three beams of electricity fell to the air. Gengar crossed his arms and watched as Farfetch’d was about to be attacked.

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