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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

The Thunder wave flew towards Electrike. Unexpectedly the angry canine leapt into the air avoiding the attack, almost. The Pokemon's back paw was narrowly caught by the attack. The Electrike yelped as it stumbled and tripped. The Pokemon crouched and growled at PZ. I thought it was going to launch a raging attack, but it suddenly collapsed on side.

"Hmmmm, looks like Electrike's partially Paralyzed from that Thunder Wave," the ranger said. "I have a feeling that's only going to make it angrier, though, so don't count on this being won just yet!" I felt happy that I had managed to at least paralyze it slightly. This should make it easier to catch.

"I'm only just getting started," I said smugly, grinning with anticipation. "Okay Porygon-Z, I want you to use Tri Attack to weaken it whilst it's paralyzed." PZ bleeped a few times before creating a magnificent ring of colours before it. Fiery red, thunder yellow and icy white balls of light span round and round in front of it building up momentum. PZ threw its arms forward send the the spiraling ring of colours, hurtling towards the Paralyzed Electrike.

Credit to EmBreon
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