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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

“Alright Gengar, we need to try a Hypnosis, and we need it to hit so concentrate!”

Gengar turned round, and started talking in his language fairly angrily at Adam. He kept an eye on Farfetch’d but he did seem slightly annoyed at Adam.

“Alright, Alright I know you concentrate all the time so just try your best,” Adam asked.

Gengar muttered rapidly to himself and then took two steps forward, ready to start his attack. He looked at Farfetch’d closely the stick in the Pokémon’s hand started to glow into a dark and murky colour. Gengar looked at his hands and fought the pain. Slowly circles started to form within his hands from the energy. Slowly the first circle started to grow larger, as Gengar started to breathe a lot heavier. He was putting a lot of energy into the attack. Slowly the first circle managed to become bigger than Gengar after lots of hard work. Then Gengar started work on another after the first ring floated just in front of him slowly getting larger as it came closer to Farfetch’d. Then Gengar put even more effort into the next few batches of rings, soon Gengar had managed to create 4 rings, slowly getting bigger as they floated towards Farfetch’d.

Adam looked at Farfetch’d, the Pokémon’s eye lids started to get heavily and there were signs that it was on the verge of sleeping but more had to be done. After a few seconds Gengar started to wave his arms repeatedly making hypnotic patters with them that the eye can barely see. Gengar’s grin got larger as his hands became faster and he was enjoying it more, showing off in front of the ranger. Soon he started to put his body into it. Gengar looked at Farfetch’d, the Pokemon just needed a little more to fall asleep. The rings were almost at touching range to Farfetch’d, Gengar had to act fast. Suddenly Gengar exhaled fairly loudly and looked up into the sky, then looked at Farfetch’d, Gengar’s eyes had become very red, like blood. Gengar took a few breaths in and then released a soft beam of red light. The beam zoomed across the battle field, as Farfetch’d became even more drowsy, but would Farfetch’d fall asleep?

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