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Default Re: Neo Risk - Rules

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
Mike =/= Jr.

I never said the word owner. I specifically made sure I didn't say owner. But Jr had been given the responsibility of running it, so he should at least get to say 'yes, I like those new rules' or 'no, I don't like those new rules, let's just work out the kinks in the current ones'.

And if HKim should get to decide because he originally thought the idea, that still means Marth didn't get the permission.
:o I think I saw you said owner. And you edited that Jr should have a say as well, later on, so I didn't read that. Well yeah, I do agree Jr should have a say. Though he did post in the Suggestion thread. And isn't Mike supposed to be the battle mod, so asking for his permission would be enough as this related to battling really.

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