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Default Re: Neo Risk - Rules

Originally Posted by The Jr Trainer View Post
Thanks for taking over without any ******* permission.
Oh please stop your whining. You couldn't handle responsibility and you left it. Besides you did a crap job of what was an excellent game in war 3. Seriously.

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
Take over. Not rewrite it without the original person's permission. Know what that is? Plagiarism. Jr should at least get a say in who runs it.
It wasn't Jr's idea. 1. Risk is a game in itself 2. It has been used for War season 3 which is exactly the same as 'Risk beta' except war 3 was alot better in terms of being less restrictive and faster and actually had a few active and dedicated people running it.

Haze said he was supposed to run it originally but he had to go away so Jr shouldn't have even been doing it in the first place. I would have run the game had I been active the last year but unfortunately I haven't been.
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