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Default Individual RP : Spiderc

Sorry about the delay; was kinda hooked with stuff irl. ^^;

Ranger : Haru
Location : Outpost #1 (Docks)

"Oh crap!....I hope I'm not....late"

A young juvenile Ranger was making his way to the doors to the National Park, along side with his "rolling" partner, Miltank. He wore a white t-shirt, with a black coat like uniform on top of it, black pants with a symbolic belt around it and to finish it off, a pair of sporty shoes. He didn't look formal like any other Rangers, whom wear a badge or a symbol like authority to prove that they are indeed the real deal. Haru is a cut-off from the Ranger group you may say, as he's one of those who moves with grooves. Although, he gets lectured by the Head Ranger, Sara, every time he gets into trouble. Yes, he gets into trouble every single time.

After bolting through countless fields and terrains, Haru finally showed up before an enormous building, panting, with "National Park" engraved on the sign board. Not to be late on his first assigned mission, Haru took a few more steps and and entered the building. The meeting place of all Rangers, and their Trainers. For some reason, it wasn't really lively as it seemed. But Haru did not bother with it. As for him, he made it safely, before his Trainer reached there, and that's what his primary thoughts were at the moment.

"Hmmm, according to the instructions, we're supposed to wait for a guy named "Clay Stoneskin". Heh, interesting name. I wonder what kind of a personality he would possess, won't you too, Miltank?" Haru turned his head towards his partner Pokemon, Miltank.

"Mirrruuu!!" Miltank was excited of course.

Haru could do nothing much for now, but to wait. He shuffled across the room, looking for a perfect sitting spot for both himself and his Miltank, and took a comfy sit, lying down there, waiting for his assigned Trainer to show up...


Trainer: Spiderc

Location: En Route to Mt Oktori

Area Effects: Nothing

Encounters Remaining: 15

Money: $0

- Rangerís Delight
- Supreme Parkball
- Parkball x4
- Max Potion

- Swampert(Male) / Mild / Waterfall, Surf, Rock Climb, Avalanche, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Brick Break / 100% Health

- Gallade(Male) / Quirky / Ice Punch, Vacuum Wave, Shadow Sneak, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Substitute / 100% Health

Pokemon encountered: None

On-going battles: None

Pokemon Captured: None


Notes : Not really that long, but yeah, brains too dried at the moment

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