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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OoC: Trust me, it should've done much more, if it hit directly. Remember that it was the third turn of Rollout, and it builds power the more the Pokemon moves.

Ranger Hyacinth
Mt. Deckbi

"Ok Umbreon," Alden commanded. "Now jump on that rock."

Umbreon did as ordered, leaping on a steep rock out of Geodude's reach- she almost didn't make it on top, the aftershocks of Geodude's last attack, but she managed to, and awaited there for the next part of the orders.

"Now Umbreon, we're going to try and stop Geodude with a Confuse Ray."

Ranger Hyacinth was perplexed... How was confusing Geodude even more supposed to stop him? Most likely it was just going to make him run wildly- more so. A strong ranged attack was more likely to have any effect, since it would've countered his momentum and hit the weaker of the rock Pokemon's defenses.

Too bad that apparently Alden hadn't thought about teaching his Umbreon any of such attack...

"Well, you don't know until you try," the Ranger commented under his breath.

Umbreon focused her energy, draining away the color from her rings, fading to black voids, waiting for the sudden release.

It came as a wave of black energy that in the blink of an eye envelopped the rolling boulder. The rollout course seemed to waver slightly before, however, starting to run smoothly again.

Running, yes. In circles.

Somehow, the confusion totally wrecked Geodude's sense of direction, and he kept going round and round for a while, giving Umbreon the time to fully recover from the blow.

And then Geodude jumped. Somehow, it got locked in place, perhaps a small cavity in the ground, and the friction built up until it "exploded" in a sudden air attack. Both Hyacinth and Alden watched in surprise as it went up, before noticing it was gonna land right on the rock.


Area effect: Ash Rain.

Male Geodude (??/??) 33.75% Toxic, Confusion, Defense Curl, Rollout [4th turn]

Trainer Stats:
Name: Alden Umstar
Items: Park Ball x6, Super Ball x4, Full Heal x2, Max Potion x3

~ Female Calm Umbreon (Synchronize) 67.69%
Extra Moves: Toxic TM

Male Adamant Flareon (Flash Fire) 100%
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