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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< Chapter Seven Up!

Lilac gasped in surprise, her mouth wide in amazement. <Are we in some sort of...Volcano?> She asked, her mind struggling for an explanation. She could feel Sevi stop beside her, leaning over to look at the magma below. Her ears caught Nazo's breathing halt in surprise, before resuming its ragged struggles for air. Lilac's purple eyes looked at the partially collapsed bridge, wondering if they could jump it, or if Nazo was strong enough to create a crystal bridge.

The grey hedgehog studied the stone platform before them, trying to figure out a way around the parts that had collapsed. If the effects of Yaiba’s Ice Beam can hold up long enough, we should be able to cross on that, he thought, but if it doesn’t…Well, it should probably be tested before we even think of crossing.

“Yaiba,” he said, turning around, “Do you suppose your Ice Beam would cover up the gaps in the stone long enough for us to get across?”

<There’s only one way to find out,> the Absol said before he stepped forward as the air around his jaws became freezing cold. He opened his fanged maw, and a massive beam of ice jettisoned out onto the stone before them, freezing it together. As they watched, the ice was able to hold together for a few minutes before it melted due to the heat of the magma below.

“...That magma must be flowing through a tunnel down there,” Iyoku said as the ice finally melted, “Otherwise; I highly doubt it would last as long.”

The hedgehog nodded to what Iyoku said. “Yes. If you look closely at the magma, you can see it flowing in one particular direction.” He had shed his cloak and blanket, holding on to it with his hands. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead, but he seemed to have not noticed. He watched as Lilac tentatively put a paw on a part of the stone bridge, testing to see if it was even capable of bearing their weight. She dared not stray too far, for even though Fire types could withstand magma, many failed to realize only a few could permanently live in it.

“The ice was able to hold, but I doubt it could take our weight and remain solid for the same amount of time.” If that bridge can’t support our combined weight, Iyoku thought, I can always have Koutei fly us across. Speaking of which… he drew the Staraptor’s Poke Ball out of his bag and threw it in the air, releasing the Normal-Flying Type who barely even had to beat the air with his wings to stay aloft. “Koutei,” he said, “can you check underneath the stone here to see how thick it is?” the Predator Pokemon nodded before folding his wings slightly and diving underneath the bridge to examine it. It was a good thing that they came from a time where it was constantly hot, or else Koutei would have had a very hard time dealing with the heat that radiated off the magma.

“I could always attempt to create a crystal bridge, if necessary.” Lilac turned her head to gaze at Nazo, whom had stated the idea. She noted with joy that he seemed to be a little more energetic right now, perhaps due to the heat. She watched where Koutei disappeared, wondering when he was going to reappear. She could no longer sense what Shourai had, but she highly doubted this was the danger.

As he waited for Koutei to reappear, a myth Iyoku had read several years ago came to mind; it was about the gigantic mirage Pokemon called Groudon who had been the one responsible for the raising of the continents eons ago when the world was being created. The Ground Type had only been seen a few times since, and Iyoku began to wonder what it would be like if they were inside the volcano in which Groudon had taken refuge. He heard Nazo’s statement, but just as he was about to say something, Koutei ascended upon the warm thermals in the volcano, bringing with him the news that the stone should be able to support their weight.

Nazo nodded. “Well then, I suppose we should get going.” The hedgehog returned to thinking to himself. A volcano, something I had not expected to find. It is clearly active, but so long as the tunnels below us do not become clogged, and the magma trapped, there is no threat of eruption. He was also pondering where the tunnels lead, to help keep his mind off of his illness. It only worked to some degree, however.

As the group started walking again, Yaiba kept up a constant Ice Beam that froze and stabilized the ground before them. Koutei still glided smoothly on the air currents while they made their way to the tunnel that led out of the volcano. Upon reaching it however, Koutei was recalled to his Poke Ball and Yaiba ceased the Ice Beam seeing as there was no further need for it. Leaving the magma pit behind, the tunnel continued to slope downwards and the only light to be seen was the glow Flash’s move and Nazo’s aura gave off; there was no exit within sight, just a long, somewhat rocky and dark path to follow. Ever so slowly, Nazo felt his eyelids drooping with exhaustion. It wasn't the normal type, the kind associated with over-exertion; it was the type that came with being sick. He slipped his black cloak back over himself, taking care to leave the hood off so there was at least some light. He smiled slightly when Lilac noted that he appeared very much like a dark lump on Yaiba's back. Leave it to her to make him feel a little better. Padding slightly ahead so he could keep up with Iyoku, Shourai began to sense the same presence again, only it was much stronger this time. He could tell from the grey hedgehog’s slightly uneasy stance that he could sense it too, and as they continued walking, a dim light began to make itself brighter, bit by bit, as the end of the tunnel approached. Nothing could have prepared any of them for what they saw beyond it.

A gigantic forest spread out before them in an even bigger cavern that was lit by several hundred crystals jutting out of the walls. The sides of the cavern seemed to be covered in them, and upon closer inspection, a dark blue fire was revealed to blaze within them which gave off heat and light, therefore explaining how plants could survive this far underground. At the very top of the dome-shaped cavern was an even bigger crystal that must have been at least one-hundred feet wide. It too was embedded into the top to avoid falling to the miniature world below, and the same fire burned inside it as well. The forest was composed of thousands of different species of trees, threaded through by the occasional river of sapphire blue water. That was not the end of it however; at the opposite end of the cavern from where they stood, there was a waterfall that flowed out of the wall, roaring as the liquid tumbled into the lake that had formed below the deluge, and mist produced from it snaked through the air, giving the entire place a mystical quality.

Nazo slid off of Yaiba, eyes wide with amazement. “My...I have never heard of such a thing...” These words escaped breathlessly, shock trembling through his weakened body, threatening to collapse. Yet at the same time, the warmth and light from the crystals seemed to ease him, negating the shock's effects. “Those crystals...They are different.” Casting his eyes over the forest, he felt pinpricks of a strange energy, but unlike the others did not feel uneasy. It could have been from his illness, or perhaps his own powers boosted his confidence. As for Lilac and Sevi, they had gone rigid next to him.

Seeing that there was a path that led down into the woods, Iyoku and Shourai went down it, followed by Yaiba and Flash close behind. Soon enough, they came to a nearby riverbank whose plant life’s branches were bending so low with fruits and berries that they almost touched the ground. However, before any of them could take a step closer, a voice stopped them.

<Why have you come here…?! This is my territory, leave at once!> the hostile voice was soon followed by a red-furred, four-legged creature with a large, fluffy tail and equally fluffy fur that topped its head that also hosted dark red eyes which glared angrily at them. <I said leave!> the Flareon hissed, her voice low with anger and the ground at her paws confirming it due to the smoke that snaked upwards from the singed grass.
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