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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

That Dark Pulse had connected perfectly. I didn't think it would do that much damage. Now I had to be really careful. I wanted to catch it, but I knew I'd have to wait till it wasn't attacking. The injured Pokemon Howled once more and unleashed a huge lightning bolt into the air which then sharply turned and headed for the unguarded PZ.

"Holy crap, that's one awesome Thunder!" I heard the ranger gasp. "Zack, that's gonna be a hell of an attack if it connects!" she called from behind. I knew she was right, and I had to act fast.

"Quick, Porygon-Z, use Thunder straight towards the other Thunder to knock it away but make sure you don't hit Electrike. PZ's body began sparking wildly. It made a high pitched bleep and launched the attack straight towards the oncoming attack. This better work.

I pulled out a Hyper Ball ready to throw at Electrike, if PZ could deflect the oncoming attack.

Credit to EmBreon
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