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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

/////Location: Mt. Oktori

Cleffa felt it could trust Sean and jumped on its back as he instructed while Nyurgh prepared its next Ice-Shard attack.

Sure, the light show was impressive, but Bagon was more interested in finishing its opponent. Bagon jumped forward with a fast yet very daring, not to mention reckless, full body attack. Bagon was nearing Nyurgh fast, but at the very last second, Nyurgh finished creating its frozen spear and tossed it straight at Bagon.

The Ice Shard attack once again hit directly on Bagon's head from a closer distance shattering the spear on contact, but Bagon's attack wasn't interrupted by this. At this close distance, Bagon impacted Nyurgh sending it back a good distance. Bagon kept going forward and landed on Nyurgh, but the wild Pokemon wasn't moving or trying to perform another attack. It just stayed there trembling.

At that moment, Sean tossed his Super Ball at Bagon. The ball hit Bagon and the small dragon was absorbed right into it. The ball fell to the floor and began to shake while giving out red flashes. The ball kept on shaking for a good 10 seconds and then it stopped.

"Wow..." said Eli while still astonished by the intensity of Bagon's attacks.

"Well...congratulations! I hope that Bagon becomes a good addition to your team," he followed.

"Cleffa!" shouted the Cleffa while still hanging onto Sean. It seemed to be congratulating the trainer as well.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sean Marshall

Money: $3,000

Location: Mt. Oktori

Area Effects: Total Darkness

Encounters Remaining: 9

Pokemon Stats:
---Sassy Ditto (GL/Limber) 56.67% (transformed into a Weavile)
---Hardy Infernape (M/Blaze) 100%
---Lonely Rotom-W (GL/Levitate) FNT
---Jolly Torterra (M/Overgrow) 100%

Total Items: Hyper Ballx4, Super Ballx6, Pokedollx2, Max Potion, Full Healx2

Total Captured Pokemon: Brave Weavile (F/Pressure), Rash Bagon (?/Rock Head)

Current Wild Pokemon:
---??? Cleffa (?/???) (following the group) 100%

Other Wild Pokemon: Lax Cleffa (?/Magic Coat); Mild Spheal (?/Thick Fat), Relaxed Smoochum (?/Forewarn)
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