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Default Re: We Love Music 2 [WLM2]

Album: Life Starts Now
Band: Three Days Grace
Year: 2009
Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal

1. Bitter Taste
2. Break
3. World So Cold
4. Lost In You
5. The Good Life
6. No More
7. Last to Know
8. Someone Who Cares
9. Bully
10. Without You
11. Goin' Down
12. Life Starts Now

Three Days Grace, a Canadian rock band, make their long awaited return after producing two previous studio albums, their self titled album, Three Days Grace and One-X. Fans hold high regards for the rock band, after previous hits blew them away. Still, Three Days Grace has come a long way since they first started, and have seemed to mellow out quite a bit over the years. Unlike their first two albums, Life Starts Now is noticeably softer and somehow seems more in control, rather than the 'screaming and yelling' you get from other bands. Of course, One-X was impacted by the life lead-vocalist Adam Gontier was going through at the time, so the hardness and sinister feeling from that album was only to be expected.

Life Starts Now is all about moving up in the world. Itís about a new beginning, which is what defines this album from their previous ones. Three Days Grace has forgone some of their hard style in favour of a softer, more uplifting one. Thatís not to say the songs are worse; they still keep their rhythm well. In fact, some might argue that this is their best album yet, while hardcore fans will still be turning to either of the first two albums. It shows the softer, more mature, side of Three Days Grace, which many fans have seemed to hang out for. To them, this wasnít a disappointment. Three Days Grace still holds their well-known guitar riffs and the angsty lyrics that most people can relate to, with much the same style as their album predecessors.

The bandís first single Break is much more family-friendly than most of their previous singles. The song holds a much more pop feel to it than the usual loud bass you got with One-X in hits such as Animal I Have Become. In this case, many more people can get into it, as itís all about breaking away and starting again. Brighter colours are even used in the video clip (if you want to look it up on youtube) suggesting Three Days Graceís change. However, if you were looking for a loud bass song with angst and screaming vocals for a first single, youíre gonna be sorely disappointed, probably turning it off as soon as you can.

The next song that caught my attention was World So Cold. Now this brings back some of that angst Three Days Grace fans were probably hanging out for. With catchy lyrics, a nice vocal style, awesome guitar riffs and bass...itís hard to beat. Break may be the only single to compete with it...if you like more of a pop feel to your Three Days Grace songs. The instant I heard this song, I liked it. Even the preview on their website had me hooked before I held the album. If you like to relate to that numbing feel you might get when youíre angry, lost, or sad, then this song does wonders. And I think we all need a little something like this to listen to. There may be more upbeat songs, but the darker songs are still here, if not in the same way as you expected.

But if you thought that was it, youíd be surprised. Remember some of the softer songs, such as I Donít Care (Apocalyptica feat. Adam Gontier), or Never Too Late? Well they have yet another soft song, which was a bit of a shock to me, as itís the softest Iíve ever heard from a song by Three Days Grace. So soft, actually, you wouldnít believe it made me cry. Last To Know takes you to new places Ė Adamís voice even reached higher notes, the highest I think heís gone (some might say a little strained) Ė and the lyrics seem sad at first, and they are. Iím sure most people can relate. But through this song, the soft piano and strumming of the acoustic guitar that hypnotises you gets louder until you hear the electric guitar come in, the sadness fading, and a more upbeat attitude coming into it. Last To Know is simply heart-wrenching, but if you hate these kinds of ballads and soft songs, then itís not for you.

Throughout the album, you'll clearly recognise the usual Three Days Grace style, which is much the same as their previous albums. If you were hoping for something different, you got a bit of it, but it is also much the same. The moral of the album may have changed, but the syle has remained pretty much alike, reeling back old Three Days Grace fans, but maybe not making so many new ones if you were expecting them to branch out a bit.

Quality: 9.2
Life Starts Now holds a mixture of pretty much everything, both soft and hard songs, each seeming to twine in a nice balance. Of course, if youíre still one of those people weirded out by soft songs sung by Three Days Grace, youíre gonna do the same to this album.

Musicianship: 9.6
Three Days Grace still work great together to produce beautiful songs. No one seems to stand out against the other; everyone plays a good part. The vocals arenít hidden by too loud guitar riffs or a loud bass, as some songs have. And if youíre looking for good guitar solos, youíre not disappointed.

Writing: 9
The introduction with Bitter Taste seems to give off the same feel as most Three Days Grace Songs, and the lyrics still lie around an angsty theme, often about love and loss, or something similar, with a few exceptions. Still, they seem to hold your interest and blend nicely with the music, making for some pretty good songs.

Ingenuity: 9.1
Life Starts Now paves the way for softer songs for Three Days Grace, which isnít at all a bad thing. The better thing is that the album contains a mixture of songs, both light and hard, which dragged me in. Theyíre really well played and nothing seems too forced. I still love the softer songs, even if some people donít.

Overall: 9.4
With a nice blend of soft songs, beautifully sung, with acoustic/electric instruments to more hardcore metal and rough-edged songs, thereís something for everyone on this album. If you ask me, I wouldíve liked to have seen a more rough song, but Iím not complaining. Three Days Grace still remains relatively the same, though, so that might put off a few people. Regardless, one of the best albums Iíve heard lately, and there isnít a single song on here I donít like.

If youíll excuse me, Iím gonna go listen to it again.

...You better buy it. It took me forever to write this.

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