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Default Re: Individual RP: Ataro

OOC: Btw, I now have $27,700 and a new Supreme Park Ball + Ranger's Delight (3 time uses).

My Ambipom rested his arms on the ground to support the full weight of his body, while staring into the opponent's eyes still. I knew that he must have been so tired, and his health must be very low since he was sweating profusely now. To make it worst, the sound of the Pokemon's panting was clear and aloud amidst the quiet area that we were in.

"Meow..." I heard, as I turned behind and looked at my Ranger. There she was, holding onto an unusually white cat, brushing the animal's fur with her hands. The Ranger had warned me to be careful, though she wasn't been specific. I guessed that she meant about Ambipom's health, but the minute she said finish that, she looked down on the cat in her arms again, whom was now licking her paws calmly. Something wasn't right...

But now wasn't the time to think. I needed to think of a new strategy desperately; it was either switching my Pokemon out or letting it continue to battle. Okay... not the most original, but I hope it will work, I thought, while scratching my scalp with my fingers.

"Ambipom, let's infatuate the Muk by blowing out kisses and kisses of hugs and kisses! Use your Attract," I grunted, trying to muffle up my chuckle, although it probably wasn't even amusing. Back on the battle, Ambipom's eyes lit up immediately when I said Attract. It was one of his favorite moves and he was even more energized, when he was finally commanded to use it. Bouncing up into the air slightly, he turned his tails towards the Muk's direction and waved it gracefully in a circular motion. Within seconds, numerous heart-shapes were emitted from the tail of Ambipom, all of them having the exact same hue of light violet. The whole wave of hearts flew towards Muk in a mesmerizing flight, almost locking in the Muk's captivation onto Ambipom.
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