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Default Re: Tombi's Autobiography - A Good Idea?

Wow Caitlin I really liked it.. As for improvement.. Well some of the words you used were to.. British for me to understand... Like Doss...

Anyway.. I had a English teacher with a nasty hair cut.. She reminded me of my dog.. She was also my class's teacher...

Anyway the boys in the class and couple of girls were so mean to her that she quit after 3 months... Anyway.. That teacher is now a friend of my mothers (She probably thinks I'm a demon child xD)... xD
Seeing their both teacher and have the same friends..

Anyway after that another English teacher was assigned and she was made our class teacher.. She left after 3 months as well.. So they split the semester 50/50.. xD

After that the math teacher was assigned as our class teacher (You know the teacher who handles your parent teacher interviews...)

And I remember one time she was wearing PJ's in school seeing it was freaky cloths day and one guy pulled down her pants.. xD

I only saw it from the hall way... xD But it was hilarious...

Teacher with bad haircuts will stay with you forever... xD

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