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Default Re: The Shadow Arena Fight Club Now Open ! Shoddy/Wifi Battlers Welcome

Just for clarification, this is pretty much an offense based tournament. The only real catch is that its purpose is mainly to reduce hax and status to hopefully a minimum of zero. Perhaps something like a 12 year old running through the game with pokemon with only attacking moves. Not to say other moves other than attack moves aren't allowed, pokemon with serene grace, and super luck are banned. Examples include jirachi, blisey, togekiss, absol, and so on. Status moves such as williow wisp and spore, and toxic are not allowed. However, my recommendation to DSL is this: being that pokemon that can abuse hax aren't allowed, I don't see why you limitied it down to only a 10% chance. Flinching with Gyrados's waterfall isn't all that common. Yanmega being perhaps one of the only pokemon being able to use flinching is understandable. But perhaps we should raise the bar a little so that some pokemon can at least make the usage list. Another recommendation to all participants is, this: in place of your walls, use traditional bulky pokemon such as Porygon 2 per say. Although it can't pack a status move like you normally would, but it allows sets such as the trick room or download charge beam variants to actually see useage here. Im just throwing out ideas that could possibly benefit some participants. Anyway, that's just my opinion, although its incomplete, im going to shut up and wish everyone good luck. Gah my tourney needs a damn banner....
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