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Default Pokemon School

This is the Pokemon School, the fiercest training school on Earth! Originally founded in 2006 by padman, it has come back and better than ever! As I was the former types teacher there, I have decided to bring it back and see how it works.

-What are we?
This is a group called "Pokemon School". There are teachers, students, and information about Pokemon. There will be a weekly grade book post by me showing the week's test grades. Tests are weekly and I will focus on one type of quizzes: types!

-Our Goal:
Our goal is to educate those who don't know about Pokemon, or just those who want to show off in quizzes! Since I matured since 3 years ago, the questions are 3 years better for me! Join if you like Pokemon, or even if you don't, you can have fun during the non-Pokemon events like banner contests! Let us move on to the forms!

Requested Pokemon TYPE:
Student, Teacher*, or Assistant Headmaster**:


Headmaster: Cow_Guy (Mewtwo)
Assistant Headmaster: Coddleflop (Gallade)

*The first five sign-ups can pick to be teachers.
**The first person to pick assistant headmaster will get it.

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