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Default The Pokemon League Tournament (0/16)

Too many tournaments. @_@


Welcome to the Pokemon League Tournament. I am your host, The Politoed Hunter, and this is a wifi tournament.

The rules are fairly straightforward. The battling style is Standard OU, however, there is a twist.

You are allowed twelve Pokemon in this tournament. That is correct, twelve. However, you must list all of them, and you can only change them if you post in this thread. Each player will have a list of their twelve Pokemon. Why, you may ask? Because the battles will be 3 vs 3 singles, and that means you must predict what your opponent will pick, and choose your three Pokemon accordingly.

An easier way of puttting it is that you have twelve Pokemon, and they are listed here. It will be a 3 v 3 battle through the entire tourny, and you must predict which Pokemon your opponent will bring. Then you bring Pokemon that you think will help you get the win. It's like a battle tower battle, but you get to pick which Pokemon to take into battle each time.

Who on PE2K has the ability to strategize?


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