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Default Re: The Pokemon League Tournament (0/16)

Originally Posted by SaviorSephiroth View Post
I did not understand correctly the idea of this tournament. Could you explain more detailed?
Originally Posted by Skippy the Great View Post
I think what he means, is upon signing up for the tourney, you will choose twelve different Pokes to sign up with. Throughout the entire tourney, it will be 3v3 battles (Kinda like the Battle Tower in the game when you play on singles), and you can only use three of the original tweleve Pokes you signed up with, but you can change pokes as many times as you'd like from round to round, as long as you only use the twelve you originally signed up with. I am guessing he will log each participants pokes they enter with on the front page.
Skippy is correct. I'll edit the page and go into further detail.
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