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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

After recalling Umbreon, as she healed by using the Moonlight attack, Alden made sure the newcomer Geodude was fine. After doing that, he somehow got directions from the Pokemon.

"Well lets go," said Alden to the ranger, before taking off up the trail, heading to the path that branched off to the right. "Lets go see where these Geodudes are coming from!"

"Hey, wait up!" Hyacinth yelled. "I'm supposed to lead here- you don't know the way, you might injure yourself!"

The ranger followed the trainer and true to his words, Alden was quickly faced with a dangerous situation.

Namely, a cliff. A rather steep one, though there was a path not too far off that let you get down.

On the other side, down below, was a cute little Pokemon, playing. It was a maroon, dinosaur-like creature, that stood on two legs and wore a giant skull on its head, and its idea of "playing", apparently, was juggling Sandshrews using its club.

As the Cubone noticed the two human, it quickly sent the two Sandshrew flying away, focused on its new playmate- the trainer.

"Whew..." Hyacinth huffed as he caught up. "you -heave- shouldn't run off -huff- like that, you know. What's going on? Is that the Pokemon who caused the Geodude to fly up?" he then asked.

The small dinosaur didn't wait for them to get down, and instead made the first move. Swinging back its bone club, it then threw the weapon at the two human, like a boomerang.

"Ouch," Hyacinth said. "We have to get out of the way, that Bonemerang attack is aimed at us!"


Area effect: Ash Rain.

Encounter #3
Cubone (??/??/??)

Trainer Stats:
Name: Alden Umstar
Items: Park Ball x5, Super Ball x4, Full Heal x2, Max Potion x3

~ Female Calm Umbreon (Synchronize) 100%
Extra Moves: Toxic TM

Male Adamant Flareon (Flash Fire) 100%

Previous Encounters:
#1 - Timid Male Geodude (Rock Head) - Captured
#2 - Jolly Geodude (Sturdy/??) - Trainer Fled.
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