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Default Re: Khajmer's Log

Legend Defender

6v6 Revo
No Helds
Sleep/Freeze/GBA Clause
Standard Terrain
No Weather

LD Gold Rush: Swampert, Machamp, Infernape, Dragonite, Ninjask, Tyranitar
Xalapeno: Garchomp, Gardevoir, Lapras, Gyarados, Froslass

Swampert and Garchomp both led with Stealth Rock, and then Chomp trapped Swampert in a Sand Tomb before getting Roar'd out for Gardy. A quick exchange of Waterfalls and Psychics killed Gardy and left Pert as easy pickings for Lapras. Machamp came in and tried to throw an Ice Punch, anticipating Salamence, but got Gyarados instead. It made up for it with never-miss Stone Edges, but Waterfall left it weak enough for Lapras to again come in for a revenge kill. Infernape then came in and immediately U-Turned to Dragonite, who Brick Breakered for the KO. Now Froslass jumped into the fray and made yet another revenge kill, prompting the entrance of Ninjask. Jask stalled with a Sub and Protect, then Baton Passed to Tyranitar. However, Lass got a Con Ray in on that turn, leaving T-Tar dazed and confused. She switched out to Garchomp, who destroyed T-Tar thanks to some successive smacking. At this point Adam forfeited as Jask would be auto-killed when it came in and Nape would die to Earthquake.

tl;dr version: TO is the new LD.

TO: $2000+Legendary Pokemon
Adam: $1000
Me: $3000

Salary: $18,500
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