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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Robert Silvermyst
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Description: Robert has a muscular body build with a slightly lean look. Upon his chest he wears a white tee-shirt and a sleeveless leather vest. He stands at 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. His eyes are a strange amber color, more akin to gold colored. His skin looks of a light tan-ish hue. He is dressed in a pair blue jeans with belts around the waist and around the lower legs to which flame red cloth is attached to the lower portion of the pants. His sneakers are black on the sides with gold stripes up the middle and tongue. However, the most unique feature of this man is his hair. It has the same white coloring, smoke-like shape and relative length as the mane of the legendary Entei. He wears a sword strapped to his belt. The sword itself, from hilt to tip, is pitch black with strange runes lining the blade. The sheath is pure white with similar runes etched along it.

Personality: Robert is the type of person that can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. He is outwardly friendly to all he encounters, be they human or pokemon. To those in need, he is more than willing to give advice, guidance, or moral support. Rarely will he ever give hand-outs, at least not unless he means to instruct the recipient on how to use what is given to support themselves. He despises people who pick on the weak and helpless, those who betray and abandon thier pokemon, and those who seek to only use pokemon to cause others misery, suffering or pain. He is a man of honor and will never go back on his word once given. In dealing with wild pokemon, he prefers to befreind pokemon rather than to outright battle it. However if the pokemon in question prefers to battle in order to have the trainer prove himself, then Robert will battle without giving any quater as, in his mind, holding back would be nothing short of an insult.


Robert ws not originally of this dimension. In his former life, Robert lived as a mercenary Arcanine pokemorph who traveled the land, giving aid to those in need and taking jobs to hunt down wanted criminals and murderers. Then, one day, a dangerous and evil tower that was bannished away five hundred years ago returned to his world: the Dark Spire.

Being one of six heroes to answer the call of King Matthias Mewtwo, Robert and his party were blessed by a spell that would protect them from the dark magics of the Dark Spire, allowing him to keep his sanity and to protect him from possession. According to the King, his advisor and daughter went missing on the same day the Spire appeared. he sought thier rescue and a means to eliminate the spire so that its dark influences would release the people of the neighboring kingdom that were gripped in its madness.

Robert and his comrades scaled the hieghts of the tower, overcomming monsters, traps, puzzles and illusions on the way. But nothing could have prepared him for what lay at the top. There, the vazier stood and fought the party with everything he had. In the end and with his final breaths, the Vazier Alakazam uttered a forbidden spell, turning himself into an enchanted, pitch black sword. The princess soon appeared afterwards, explaining that all of this was to prepare the group to fight the true evil, and that the Vazier did not kidnap her, but planned for the king to send a group worthy to face the true master of the tower. Then, lifting the sword aloft, the Princess Mew released the blade and let it impale her. The magics of the sword caused her body to turn into an enchanted sheath and open the portal to the realm of darkness.

Inside, Robert and the party faced the creator of the tower, the evil Victor Darkrai. The battle ensued, but just when the party thought victory within thier grasp, Darkrai recovered his health completely by siphoning energy from the Dark Spire itself and paralyzed the party with the exception of Robert, who was protected by the magic of the sheath. Darkrai had been storing up his power to deliver the fatal blow to the party, but when he released the blast, Robert, unsheathing the dark sword, met the attack head-on. The runes activated along the blade's length and soaked in all of the dark magic, embuing it with immense power. The soul of the vazier shattered Robert's protection spell and possessed Robert in order to use him to chant the forbidden spell of Almatria.

The powers that the sword had absorbed became purified and both sheath and blade circled Robert, sending waves of evolutionary power into him, awakening the true heroic soul that lived inside the young arcanine. The power transformed Robert from a mighty warrior Arcanine to the demigod Entei. The roar of the newly transformed Entei force-activated the teleportation pendents of his allies, sending them outside of the tower. For seven days long, both demigods, Darkrai and Entei, battled atop the evil spire. Walls of fire and dark energy encased the spire, forbidding entry or exit. On the seventh day, Robert Entei felled the evil Darkrai, and with the sorcerer's defeat, the tower crumbled into dust.

After that day, no one saw Robert ever agian, although he did survive and lived atop Valeonus Mountain, living a peaceful life and watching down over the four kingdoms as a protector of peace. However, several years later, the clash of dimensions ocurred, force-merging the dimensions together. Robert survived the merge, but found that all of the power he once had were now gone. Not only that, he had turned into a human and lost all memory of his past life. All he had left were his clothing and the sword and sheath which were the deceased Alakazam and Mew. But even with the shift, the souls of the two remained in the blade and sheath. Although the runic magics on sword and sheath were negated, the souls lived on inside of them and retained thier ability to speak to Robert telepathically.

Ever since that day, Robert has wandered the land, seeking a new life in it, as well as a reason for being. Though he remembers nothing from his past, he seeks also to find a way to regain his memory, to learn of the years that in his mind seemed like a blank page.

Pokemon Captured: N/A Thus Far

Pokemon Natures:
Flare (Female Arcanine) - Hardy
Sapphira (Female Dragonite) - Gentle
Park Items: Super parkballs (x3), Full Heal (x2), Max Potion (x1)
Other: The sword and sheath speak telepathically into Robert's mind. Only he can hear them. Outside of that, the sword and sheath have no power.

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