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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Oo Wow Mew, nice SU. You're accepted ^^.

Also, here's my alternate Ranger character >>:

Name: Arunei Shade

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Arunei is friendly and out-going, but quiet, which makes people think she’s shy. In truth, she’s just very good at keeping her emotions to herself. She doesn’t get worked up easily, but when she does get excited (or angry), it’s like she’s done a complete 180 personality-wise. She doesn’t give advice unless asked, believing that a person needs to discover things on their own instead of constantly being told what to do. A person can’t grow if they don’t take chances and follow their own opinions, in her eyes.

Description: Clickeh!
Arunei is 5’6” tall and weighs 125 lbs. She keeps a short sword strapped to her back (not pictured), which she uses to encourage more fiesty Pokemon not to mess with her or her Trainers. She doesn’t use it to harm them, mind you; after seeing a show of her skills, most Pokemon decide to find easier targets to bother. Her pants are black and she wears black leather boots that go up to her knees.


Snap (Mightyena): Serious
Shockwave (Yanmega): Gentle
Tyrant (Male Tyranitar): Mild
Sangen (Togekiss): Careful
Shellshock (Cloyster): Relaxed
Bijou (Gigalith): Calm
Furnace (Darmanitan): Modest
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