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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

I smiled at the young Trainer and motioned with my head towards a hallway several yards to the left. It led out of the room and to a storage area. I'd usually been able to find some interesting Pokemon around there, and I doubted today would be an exception.

"Let's head to the storage area," I replied, walking towards the hall with Databyte floating along about a foot behind me. I only got a few steps before a nauseating smell swamped over me. Gagging, I came up short and shook my head in a futile effort to escape the stink. I coughed and moved back quickly, eyes watering from the scent of raw, untreated sewage and rotting matter. Behind me, Databyte chirped and beeped, his data processors firing up. A moment later he gave a low humming noise, and I knew he associated that with a single Pokemon.


Seconds later, a mobile pool of sludge oozed into the room. It was a dark purple hue, a visible sign the thing was toxic. Of course, its scent alone would be testament to that. I moved back several more paces as the Pokemon flowed forward, its beady black eyes watching me. It slid to a halt and raised two thick arms, a mouth opening to reveal a purple-pink tongue. Which it then stuck out at me.

"Cheeky little thing," I grumbled, raising an arm to cover my nose. "Sorry Zack. We either have to get that thing away from the hall, go a different way, or you can catch it. I don't know, maybe you can use it as security. I doubt anyone would come with a hundred-yard radius of your house if this thing was guarding it."


Trainer Stats:

Name: Zack
Money: 750
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 13

Pokemon Stats:
-Gentle Genderless Porygon-Z (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power (Steel)) <Adaptability Ability>

-Brave Male Gliscor (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Earthquake, Stone Edge) <Hyper Cutter Ability>

-Hasty Male Weavile (TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: X-Scissor, Surf) <Pressure Ability>

Total Items: 2 Mega Puffins, 5 Max Potions, 9 Hyper Balls, Digital Camera

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Electrike {Encounter 1}
Grimer {Encounter 2}

Total Captured Pokemon: Electrike (Rash, Gender undecided)
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