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Default Pokemon: Shadow Version

Pokemon Shadow Version is a game that takes place after the 10 Pokemon League. A familiar face [deep in the game you will find out who] called Dartz has won the league. As usual pick a name, starter, and Rival`s name, then set out on your journey through Samui region. This time around, all Pokemon in your team follow you. At the Beggining, you watch as a legendary bird [a new one] flies through the sky and leaves. This is a game with an ending so unbelievable that no game finnaly could beat it. Shadow Pokemon do return, but this time you may see new uncorupted Pokemon called Revelation Pokemon. And your Pokemon can become them. Explore Gyms like the Blaze City Gym and the Samui City Gym. But be warned, your rival will battle you with his Pokemon after a Gym is Cleared.

This game has some cool twists and turns. Now all I need to do is learn how to make it.