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Default The ShinyShuckle monotype tournament: Closed do to inactivity of contestants.

Hello and welcome to one and all. This is my first tournament and everyone is eligable. The rules are pretty simple and do not involve much explaination. One team one type with one acception. You will sign up for one type and you will be allowed to sign up nine pokemon. One may be off type and the other eight on type. We will have 18 entrants, so one team will be used twice.

Sign up form

In game name
Friend code
Team type

Team type will be given out on first come first serve. So if someone signed up for your type first I'm sorry.

Wifi Only
Item clause, Hax item clause, Sleep clause, OHKO clause, Freeze clause, Evasion clause, Species clause, Selfdestruct/Perish song clause
No Ubers
No hacks (Even if their "Legal" there is no hacks allowed) If you are found to have a hack you will be disqualified.

Current Sign up
Shinyshuckle- Normal
White Rabbit-Fire
Rasta_Rude_Boy- (Reserved)
Bullet Puncher-Bug
Skippy The Great- Flying
Megamonk4- Grass
BloodRazor- Fighting
Ayoti- (Either Rock or Ground)
Max211- Water

Available types

We will be competiting in roughly a month. This will give everybody ample time for team construction.

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