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Default Re: Legendary Pokémon: Your Thoughts?

They work if they're in the right place at the right time. You could have a story that would work perfectly well without them, but very often, as you can see with the movies, their presence can dash in an extra bit of spice, as long as its used right. If you think of writing a story as cooking, they're exactly that. Using a little bit could add in great flavor. Too much and you've ruined the entire thing.

I like it better when the legendaries are there, but they're a bit more humble, willing to associate with the "lesser Pokemon," especially if there's something they need to accomplish together. The ideal situation is to introduce each one slowly into the story, and give them a real role and purpose. For example, don't say Mew comes every now and then to help the protagonist "just because" or add some minor filler reason. If Mew's there, there should be a reason for it, as well as a reason for Mew to be involved, and a reason to be assisting the protagonist and no one else. You don't want people speculating why you're introducing a legend into the story. You need them to see why they're there, and why that legend can fulfill a role that another non-lengendary Pokemon just can't do.

When legends help the protagonsts, it helps to humble them a bit, and make the challenge they're facing something that even the legendary can't do alone. However, when the good guys need to face legends as adversaries, make them... a tid bit more powerful than they usually are. Let them use every available resource of their power to put the maximum challenge on the protagonsts, because otherwise, it looks too easy for the good guys, and you don't want that.

But yeah, I agree, Pokemon legendaries are some of the most interesting Pokemon and could be the source of great plotline fodder if you pick the right ones and give them the most interesting roles that fit their abilities and persona. Just make sure you know what you're doing, because its very difficult to get rid of them once you've added them to your story...

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