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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

The Pachirisu hopped around playfully on my shoulder. I laughed as it coiled around my neck back and forth. "Well, I think it's pretty empty in here, other than that little guy," she replied. "Let's see, where's a good place to go? Well, there's a sub-level, sometimes rarer Pokemon hang out down there, because it's darker and harder to get around. A lot of old, big pieces of machinery are all over the place, and unless you've got a strong Pokemon that can move them out of the way, you can't go too far. We can go down and check the area out, though."

"Okay," I said happily. Maybe I could use more than one of my Pokemon to get through. We'll just have to wait and find out. The Pachirisu clung to my shoulder as we walked towards the door. A lightning fast yellow blur shot past us. It stopped in front of us and Pachirisu hopped off of my shoulder. It stood next the Pikachu and they began chattering in Pokemon language. Pikachu tapped Pachirisu in accomplishment.

"Ah! These two must have been playing hide-and-seek! But I guess Pachirisu got so excited to see us that it forgot it was supposed to be hiding," she said.

I laughed and looked at the two small electric types. "I would go for that Pikachu, if I didn't already have a Pichu back at home," I said. "You two should carry on playing," I told the two cheery creatures. I advanced towards the door, wondering what we'd find next, secretly hoping for it to be something a lot better.

OOC: Lol I forgot about that. I think I'll make Electrike male.

Credit to EmBreon
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