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OOC: Buizels are so cute!


"Amonea? Good with people? Well, she always had some people skills about her..." I said doubtfully. The truth was Amonea is easily annoyed, cool and has a slightly superior attitude about herself. She is also kind, loving and generally nice if she liked you, but that was not the point. At least she isn't one of those 'I know everything', gossiping jerks I have met.

"Anyway, this place is beautiful. And 'Trainer Sara'? That is a bit of an odd name, though I can't talk myself. 'Dragana' isn't the most common thing either," I laughed as we continued walking on the warm pebbles of sand. I had just ducked the spray of water from a Bidof, laughing madly about the beaver, when I froze.

Something shot out of the water. Chocolate brown, with a cream colored stomach and two white tipped tails, it landed several feet in front of us. Spitting, it didn't seem happy to see Sara's Pokemon, Dagger, but it focused in on me. Looking it over, I noted the razor sharp blue fins on its arms and back, along with a yellow circle around its neck, like a tube.

"" The Buizel let out a feminine shriek, glaring at me. "Yes, I'll battle her. It is a her. I doubt she'll cause harm if I don't do it though, I just want a beautiful, feisty girl like this!" I told Sara.

Reaching into my backpack, I retrieved a small small black and gold sphere. "Snook" was painted on it in curly white lettering, just above the seam line of the Pokeball. Pressing the middle of the ball, I threw it at the ground, raising my hand to catch it as it rebounded. A flash of scarlet light later and Snookedoodle, my faithful Jolteon, was standing before Buizel.

"Snookedoodle! Sweetie, how do you feel 'bout battling Buzel over there?" I asked. Snook looked at the wild Pokemon, her lips curling in a grin.

"Good," I said. Looking at the weasel, I raised my voice. "And you, Buziel, how do you feel about battling? Wanna come with me, all quiet like?" The look I got was priceless. Of course she wanted to battle. She wanted me to prove I was a good enough trainer to take her. Well, fine! Two can play at that game!

"Snook," I muttered to Snookerdoodle. She twitched her long yellow ears at me, the better to hear. "Just start this off with Agility and then Thundershock. If you hit with your favorite attack, you'll knock her right out and we don't want that, do we?" Snook snorted. I rolled my eyes. "Well you may want that, but I don't! Keep focused on Buizel, she's fast, but you're evolved, you've had years of practice. Just keep her in your sight. Jump at her when the time is right and release Thundershock!" Snookerdoodle pawed the ground, nodding at me.

Closing her eyes, her muscles tightened, her sleek yellow coat contracting. Then with a shudder, she released all of her muscles, relaxing them entirely. Her eyes fluttered open, she blinked, then glared at the pretty Pokemon before her. I didn't know how well Agility worked, but hopefully it helped her. Now her speed, already higher than Buizel's, would be through the roof. This would help her as she was on sandy ground. With a snarl, she ran forward.

The Jolteon dug her claws into the earth, throwing up sand as she raced at the wild Pokemon. Her violet eyes, the color of my hair, had lightnings playing in them as she narrowed in on Buizel. Suddenly, she jumped at the creature, but stopped before hitting the rodent Pokemon. With a thud she landed on the ground a couple foot before Buizel. Opening her large mouth, a white-yellow glob of energy proceeded forth, little arms of electricity curling out from her mouth as she let loose the Thundershock.

OOC: I forgot, I now I have 8250


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